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Better together

A warm welcome awaits you at our Winchcombe Day Centre.

We are a unique place where members meet during the day to socialise in the company of others, in a safe and inclusive environment.

Each person’s needs are considered, enabling independence and choice. Activities that are engaging and enjoyable are offered, and visiting entertainment creates a lively atmosphere.

Our dedicated staff team demonstrate warmth and respect and are appropriately trained for working in the Centre. We are all supported by enthusiastic volunteers, who also bring skills and experience to enhance our day.

Hot meals are provided as well as refreshments throughout the day.


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We’re proud to offer a vital service to those who may feel socially isolated, live with conditions including memory loss, or are frail and less able to get around. It’s an accepted fact that socialising, re-kindling old friendships, making new ones, and taking part in recreational activities can prove a real boost to the quality of life of older people.

“I don't know what you are up to at that Day Centre, but Jean wants to come another day!”

Family member